Service Department
Brought my bike in for a 15,000 mile service, and yesterday because I picked up a screw in the rear tire. As usual, Scott and Bruce were great, and got the bike on a lift first thing in the morning, as I was waiting for it, and Jake did his usual fabulous job in checking the whole bike over beyond my requested service. He alerted me to an outside of specs moisture level in the brake fluid, which made sense because Id been riding in the rain a lot this spring, and flushed the brake fluid and put new fluid in the system. Jake seems to work on my bike most times when I bring it in, and Im appreciative of his expertise and attention to detail with it, and for the fact that I have to wait for the bike most times, and Jake is always great about realizing that and getting me out as quick as possible. (Employee: Scott S, Bruce B, Jake D)
Mark Sparks
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