Happy Fathers Day to Me Mako Blue CVO
Well Lets start with I came in for service for my 15 FLTRXS and worked everything out with Bruce. I proceeded to walk through showroom and the 2019 CVO Mako Blue stopped me dead in my tracks and thats when the fun began. Luiz came up as courteous and respectful as could be and noticed that I was in love. Luiz suggested I have a look at it in the sun, so he rolled it out for me then asked if I wanted to take it for a ride. Jokingly I said NO because I knew that was the nail in the coffin for me, but of course I couldnt resist. We took off for a short run and when we made it back I said, I Love It! I also said, before we go any further lets talk about my current bagger. Luiz replied, if you were going to sell your bike today, what would you ask? I replied and within a minute he was back with DONE, we will give you what ya want! I was in complete shock! Next I was in and out of Nancys office in less than an hour. She was amazing and made sure my excitement never once wavered. This all happened on a Thursday and on Friday I called and spoke to Danny about a new set of pipes and he and Mike took care of me to ensure the bike was ready for me to pick up Saturday morning. Needless to say I have a nice sunburn from riding my new CVO all day Saturday. But, my head is good because Lynn got me all set with a nice shiny new helmet and took care of the wife while I had my day. I am thrilled with my experience with All American. After this experience, I will not go anywhere else! They have a life long customer. Thank you Luiz, Nancy, Danny, Mike, Bruce, Lynn, Jordan and Lyndon for a wonderful experience. See ya soon! (Employee: Luiz Dus, Danny Jones, Nancy H, Lyndon Abell, Mike Gibbons , Jordan M, All American H-D)
Brian Moore
All American H-D

thank you so much for the kind words! This is exactly why many of us here do what we do- we just want to pass on our love for H-D!

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