Great Service
Mike is the best. He's the reason I've switched from Rommel Harley Davidson to American Harley Davidson for all my HD needs. He took care of me while he was in Annapolis and hes taken care of me now at All American HD. Most recently, when I hit a deer in July that did about $6000 in damage to the bike, he took care of the estimates and repairs. Mike and the crew were able to complete about 80% of the repair work almost immediately. The other 20%, we waited and waited and waited on parts from HD. Luckily, the bike could still be ridden. Mike saw it through and made sure all the parts were found and the work was done. It took a while, but that wasn't Americans fault. i appreciate continued followup and search for needed part and the concern for the customer that the service desk has. Its almost time to get the 70000 mile service on my 2013 FLHTK. Mike or his crew has overseen work done on the bike since i mile 10 and it continues to run great. No sense in finding a different service manager now. (Employee: Mike Gibbons )
Tom Cassavaugh

Tom, I made sure Mike saw this... we know it will go to his head... but we like him, too!


All American Harley-Davidson
8126 Old Leonardtown Road
Hughesville, MD 20637
(301) 274-5000
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