Hoping for a good outcome
Scott explained everything to me that I needed to know. I'm hoping that the mechanic working on my bike (I believe it was Smitty) can make it run like it should. I was told that as a last resort I may have to purchase another license from Power Vision. I hope that doesn't happen. My hope is that the mechanic can tune my bike without me having to purchase another registration/license. I had a stage one upgrade at Quantico H.D. with a Power Vision tuner; my bike has never run well ever since. My hope is that All-American H.D. can get the information they need from Power Vision or Quantico H.D. to be able to tune my bike without me having to purchase another tuner. That would no doubt frustrate me. Quantico H.D. left me with a very bad impression of them--my bike running like crap with surface scratches on my tank, dent on my battery cover and dirty dried rain drops all over my bike when returned to me. All-American H.D., make me a happy customer and I'll keep coming back to you for service. (Employee: Scott Sampson)
Ken Hatfield
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