Above and Beyond!!!
I just want to express my deep and sincere appreciation for the service department at All American Harley Davidson!! They have always given me great service of the usual varieties - oil change, parts installation, etc. - but most recently they saved me when I dropped my Deluxe in the garage (thinking the kickstand was down when it wasn't). I was nearly out of my mind with panic. Tried to get the bike up myself but that was hopeless. Called my insurance roadside assistance to find that dropping the bike is not a covered problem. I didn't know where to turn. So I called Mike at All American and cried out my situation. He calmed me down and immediately contacted Rob. Rob arrived in less than 15 minutes and lifted that bike up like it was a bicycle!! I am so very grateful!! There is service and there is service above and beyond. This was definitely the latter. THANK YOU ALL AMERICAN HARLEY DAVIDSON!!!!!! (Employee: Rob P, Mike Gibbons )
Suzin Anderson
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