First Timer
I want to thank the entire Harley-Davidson team for making my first experience a phenomenal one. I want to thank Andrea for not only reaching out to me but being persistent (Persistents breaks Resistance). You took the time to explain everything to me and not just for a sale (Pending) but to explain what the Harley Brand is all about and the different types of Harleys. Pat, thank you for explaining to me my next steps (Semper Fi). Avi, not only were you terrific out there but thank you for reaching out and bumping me up to class date 9/21/21 instead of 10/16/21. B, I can not thank you enough for calling me on the phone before the class and getting me all excited about the course. You made the class not only informative but exciting and brought energy to it. I was expecting something boring but instead got the complete opposite. Your patience with each student and ability to connect with each of us far exceeded any expectations set. Both you and Avi instilled confidence in all of us - thank you. My takeaway phrase from the class is, Don't tell me how many years you've ridden, but how many miles have you ridden. The only negative thing was buying a Helmet not truly understanding the proper fit, and felt the helmet would've been a safety hazard (too Big) when I went the next day to class I attempted to see if I can exchange for a smaller helmet and was told no, so now I have a $238 paperweight sitting on a shelf in the garage. In any case that doesn't in any means diminishes my High Regards to HD, but instead the ROOKIE mistake. I Will not leave until I fully understand everything.
Ariel De Jesus
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